Earnings Statements

The earnings statements for Bmg shares for the base year 2023 is available exclusively in digital format on the Digital Correspondence Website of Itaú Unibanco S.A. (bookkeeper of Banco Bmg shares), according to the access instructions below.

How do I make my first access?

1. Go to correspondenciasdigitais.com.br/login, click on First Access;

2. Enter your CPF number and date of birth (Individual) or CNPJ and date of foundation (Legal Entity), then enter the security characters;

3. Choose the option to verify your identity (phone number or e-mail). If you can’t find your phone number or e-mail address, call the Investor Service Center on 3003 9285 (Capitals and metropolitan areas) / 0800 720 9285 (Other locations) on working days, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.;

4. Enter the code you received by e-mail and/or telephone and create your personal password;

5. Now all you have to do is enter your CPF/CNPJ and the new password to access your documents. The Income Reports will be available in “my reports” – folder “2024.”

If you have forgotten your password, follow the procedures described in the Correspondence Web page by clicking on the “Forgot password” option.

Note: according to the notice to the market published in December 2022, Banco Bmg changed the share bookkeeper of its shares in 2023. Therefore, to consult the income report for the base year 2022 and previous years, please access this link and follow the access instructions.