Corporate Profile

We’re a complete bank and we work to strengthen our main business fronts. Our commitment is focused on people and their needs, so we continue to build a modern, agile, technological and, above all, human bank. Here at Bmg, it is our genuine belief that it is only possible to prosper in business by building a prosperous economy, through ethical actions and socio-environmental development, therefore, we incorporate the ESG principles into our way of doing business.

We believe that to be present in the lives of our clients we must be ready to help whenever required, regardless of the channel or type of relationship: anytime, anywhere, any device. As a result, we are PHYGITAL: we act in a complementary manner on physical and digital channels, uniting the technology of the digital world with the human sensitivity of the physical world. Thus, we approach both traditional clients, driven by the eye-to-eye relationship, and clients more open to innovation and change.

Our robust retail presence is recognized and, today, represents a large portion of our portfolio and strengths. Our “help! credit store” franchise network specializes in financial services, with a one-stop-shop concept. The help! brand is among the largest franchises in Brazil and was awarded the seal of excellence by the ABF – Associação Brasileira de Franchising. The franchise acts synergistically and complementary with our banking correspondent partners.

In the digital bank, our value proposition is based on the Positive Account concept. We want our clients to learn how to save and be able to earn money using the Bank’s services. Therefore, we offer the exclusive functionality of virtual piggy bank and cashback programs for credit cards. The digital account follows the “freemium” concept, represented by free plans and paid plans that generate even greater benefits. In addition, we provide full banking services, including checking account services, credit products, insurance, investments and a number of benefits.

We aim to operate in a complete retail ecosystem in Brazil and, thus, we operate with four main client profiles: payroll loan customers, those who are eligible for contracting payroll loan products and have a borrower profile; white label, these are clients who access the Bmg digital bank through the white label partnerships we have with soccer clubs; open-water client, the individual clients that do not fit the previously mentioned specific profiles. Our usual client profile is over 35 of B, C and D social classes and has not been well served by the financial system, whereas we are capable to welcome all client profiles; and retail companies, that are micro and small companies, in particular small commercial establishments in neighborhoods with banking needs for the business and their employees.

We also operate in wholesale segment for companies in the Corporate and Middle Market segments. We offer financing and structured financial services, focusing on products with low capital allocation, such as balance sheet protection, insurance, and investment banking services such as M&A advisory, DCM, and ECM.

All this has positively impacted our product portfolio over the years. We went through a transformation from a niche bank to meet the needs of millions of Brazilians and companies by expanding our portfolio of products and services. Our main activity verticals are: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking and Insurance. This allows us to remain firm in our mission: to popularize financial services in Brazil.