Risk and Capital Management Committee – CGRC

The Risk and Capital Management Committee (CGRC) aims to provide the Board of Directors with information regarding the main issues related to BMG’s integrated Risks and Capital management pursuant to the requirements of Res. 4.557/2017.

Money Laundering Prevention Committee

The internal control body tasked with the prevention of money laundering. Its responsibility is to define the policies and objectives of the BMG Financial Group in relation to actions to prevent money laundering. It also is responsible for deciding about suspicious operations it believes should be reported to the competent authorities and on the evaluation and approval of projects and tools related to the subject.

Client Acceptance Committee

The collegial body responsible for deciding about entry into and/or continuance of the BMG Financial Group’s relationships with clients, suppliers and banking correspondents. It also is responsible for the evaluation and approval of improvements in the acceptance process.

Innovation Committee

Evaluate the opportunities for improvement and implement necessary actions, prioritizing the initiatives of innovation in BMG, with the discussion and implementation of the ideas raised in this Committee.

Information Security Committee

Responsible for deciding on initiatives to enhance protection of BMG’s, and customer information, the Information Security Committee is composed of IT department managers and chaired by the Director of Information Security and Contingency and allows the participation of other members, according to the agenda. Meetings occur monthly, and may also occur in an extraordinary way in certain cases.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration, People and Governance Committee meets quarterly to discuss issues related to Management Remuneration and Benefits, Succession Plan and other Human Capital programs related to the BMG Financial Group, ensuring the compatibility of these programs with the Conglomerate’s business strategy, goals, risk management policy and the Talent Management strategy.

Products Committee

Aimed at maximizing the results of each product, the BMG’s Products Committee is responsible for aligning all business areas directly linked to each product to generate an improvement in the quality of information and a more efficient management of the entire operation.

The Committee meets weekly to monitor the implementation of each product strategy and evaluate the achievement of goals and their respective results. It has the support of the areas of financial planning, investor relations, active operations, marketing and products, commercial, operations, credit, collection, technology, accounting, among others.

Executive Committee and Board Meeting

The Executive Committee and Executive Board Meetings are responsible for developing and implementing business strategies, approving budgets and new products, and overseeing operations. Holding weekly meetings, the Committee is composed of members of the Board of Directors, Executive Officers and has the participation of Superintendencies, Management Departments and invited employees, according to each specific agenda.

Audit Committee

Composed of senior management members and a financial specialist, also statutory, the Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors. It is responsible for evaluating the efficiency and reliability of the Internal Control System and Risk Management, assessing the compliance of the bank‘s operations with legal provisions, regulations and internal policies, monitoring the activities of the internal audit and independent audit, and recommending to the Board the selection and dismissal of independent auditors.

Meetings are held monthly and quarterly upon convocation by the President of the Audit Committee, and include the participation of directors and external auditors.

Disclosure Committee

In line with its good corporate governance practices, BMG’s Disclosure Committee, which is coordinated by the Investor Relations area, ensures strategic alignment and guarantees the transparency and quality of the information presented in the disclosure of quarterly results, material facts and other market communication requirements. The committee is formed by IR area, president director, vice president director, financial director and treasurer.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee evaluates the opportunities for improvement and implements necessary actions for product process quality, revising the methodologies for the execution, analysis, solution and response to the client. For this, the Committee meets quarterly and counts on the support of the technology, operations, marketing, products, processes, commercial, human capital, legal counsel and internal audit areas.

Assets and Liabilities Committee – ALCO

The Assets and Liabilities Committee – ALCO is responsible for commenting about the definition of methodologies and policies applied to manage market risk and liquidity through the assessment of the macroeconomic scenario, the liquidity situation in the bank, mismatches, adequacy of funding instruments, cash flow projections and analysis of capital sufficiency including stressful market situations and liquidity. Currently, the Committee meets weekly and is comprised of the President, the areas of financial, financial planning, asset operations, controllership, compliance and investor relations.

Credit Committees

With the mission of analyzing proposals for credit operations and issuing unanimous opinions, the Credit Committees are subdivided according to pre-established approval limits.

The meetings of the General Credit and Central Credit Committees are held in person and weekly, and subsequently ratified at the next meeting of the General Committee. Exceptionally, as a matter of urgency, proposals can be assessed electronically. The Regional and Superior Credit Committees evaluate the credit proposals by electronic means to ensure a speedier process.