With a long and pioneering history, BMG has solid expertise of all aspects of its operation and, because of this, benefits from a number of competitive advantages that make it stand out in the market. Among them are:

Tradition and strong brand recognition: With over 80 years of solid performance in the financial market, BMG is a leader in the Brazilian credit market, working with individuals and financial institutions, as well as companies in the public and private sectors, offering loans via payroll credit card, providing financing for medium and large companies, financing of used vehicles and home equity loans.

Conservative risk profile: BMG has a strict and conservative credit policy, which is constantly revised to ensure it meets market conditions. In addition, the bank has effective processes of assessment, formalization and control to guarantee its agility and security.

Entrepreneurial and pioneering culture: Throughout its history, BMG has developed a entrepreneurial and pioneering culture, being one of the first financial institutions to offer payroll loans to public employees and retirees and pensioners of the Brazilian Social Security System (INSS), launching several new products – such as the payroll credit card -, investing in technology and developing its own platforms and systems that have become benchmarks in the market, and seeking funding structures that are suitable to its assets profile.

Solid corporate governance practices: BMG has deliberately chosen to develop solid corporate governance practices, in order to professionalize its management, attract more investments and contribute to the sustainability of its business. Among the initiatives of its good practices are creating a Board of Directors – on which 40% of the members are independent, including the President -, different committees, an independent Internal Audit Department and an active and strategic Investor Relations Department which, since 2010, publishes quarterly financial results, as well as having a close relationship with investors, ensuring a fast and effective service.

High adaptive capacity: BMG’s history demonstrates its flexibility and ability to quickly adjust to changing market conditions.

Distribution Channels: BMG acts in physical and digital (phygital) channels, including: digital bank, bank branches, “help! the credit store” franchise network and bank correspondents. With this strategy the bank expands its distribution capacity, offering the best solution in both the physical and digital worlds. In the franchises, the operation is formalized through the complete biometric profile, unique in the world, integrated into the operating system, which offers higher security in terms of credit quality and mitigates potential frauds. The biometric profile also permits greater ease of use and security through digital service channels