Corporate Profile

Founded by the Guimarães family and with 88 years of solid performance in the financial markets, BMG is a bank with a proclivity for credit that operates through a diversified number of sales channels to reach the majority of the Brazilian population. Currently, BMG offers its retail clients: payroll credit card (BMG Card), Direct Debt Loan, both exclusive to Social Security (INSS) retirees and pensioners and public servants, digital personal credit and retail insurance through a partnership. For company clients, BMG offers structured financial services, derivative instruments and surety bonds insurance for medium and large companies (BMG Empresas and BMG Seguros). BMG provides fixed income investment products for all customers (BMG Invest).

As part of its product distribution strategy, BMG acts through physical and digital (phygital) channels, of which: digital bank, bank branches, the “help! the credit store” franchise network and bank correspondents.

Throughout its history, the Bank has excelled in the Brazilian financial sector due to its sales force and operational excellence, creating a brand known throughout the country for its tradition, technology and the ability to anticipate the main market movements.

Featuring experienced and professional management, Banco BMG voluntarily opted for high level corporate governance practices, relying on a Board of Directors – of which 38% of the members are independent, including the Chairman -, establishment of Committees, a Code of Ethics available to all its stakeholders, a Money Laundering Prevention Program (PLD), an Independent Internal Audit Structure and a strategic and active Investor Relations department, among other initiatives.

BMG also is notable for its human capital, considered by the Bank to be one of its main assets. Through a culture of meritocracy and a structure for talent recognition, BMG’s teams present high synergy and are able to overcome challenges through creativity and teamwork.